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Dog Training in Edmonton, AB

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Dog Training in Edmonton, AB

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Dog Training in Edmonton, AB


Family Dawgs is a family-focused dog training business based in Edmonton, Alberta and serves the surrounding areas with Outdoor Group Classes and Private Dog Training Sessions to help all families happily co-exist with their dogs. My strong interest is in working with families with young children and their dog(s), but all dog owners who want to learn are gladly welcomed. The training is both interactive and fun, while participation of the entire household is strongly recommended. All breeds, sizes and ages of dogs are welcome!

  • We enrolled our 2 year old Rottie in Brandi's summer 2014 course. Our intentions were to socialize Sofi and to establish a stronger bond and a more definite structure of dominance. With Brandi's help, we feel we are so much further down that path. Her advice was spot-on and every suggestion we were given resulted exactly how she predicted. By the end of the course, our relationship with our pup had grown exponentially and she became a pleasure to walk and play with. We can't thank Brandi enough for helping us come to the realization that improving our dog's behavior starts with changing the owners' ways. Brandi's wisdom and determination aided in building our confidence, which in turn has led to a much happier home. My advice to any future clients of Family Dawgs would be to have an open approach, invest with your heart (as Brandi does) and with her help, you will achieve your goals. We will definitely be returning in the future to continue educating ourselves and our dog as she grows and matures. Thank you for everything Brandi! You truly made our bond that much stronger and our home that much happier! See you soon!

    Steph & Cam (Sofi)

  • I started with Family Dawgs because I thought I had a troubled dog because he would react to most dogs while he was on a leash. Brandi taught me that I was my dogs’ problem. I would get nervous taking my dog for a walk and therefore my dog though he needed to protect me and get aggressive. Brandi helped me to relax and take control by greeting people we were walking towards. In the class we had 3 dogs that did not see eye to eye with each other and my dog was one. As classes progressed as parents we learnt how to help are dogs with Brandi help and by the end the dogs were off leash and playing with each other. Brandi’s classes are all outside and different location and this help teach you as owners how to challenge the dog as well as see new things. E.g. How to get your dog to jump through trees safely, and how to use playgrounds as obstacle courses safely. Brandi putts her heart and soul into all her classes. She helps each owner and there dog with what they need and want to work on and helps you as the owner understand your dog through the ageing process. Once you have finished the 6 weeks with Brandi that is not the end. Brandi want to continue to be part of your relationship with you and your dog as your dog gets old and things change in the family Brandi is just and email. She truly is amazing.

    Karina (Colie)

  • Gracie, our Portuguese water dog, and I have been through The Family Dawgs Training sessions and have both learned a lot. The classes were just what we needed. The real world locations and situations helped me develop confidence in my relationship with my dog. I appreciated Brandi's straight ahead approach to communicating the lessons and her willingness to tailor classes based on specific needs of the dogs (and owners) in the class. After going through the program, It has been really helpful to be able to draw on both Brandi and her drop in group classes to help fine tune things and deal with issues that come up with Gracie These classes are like most things.. you will get out what you put in. If you take the process seriously you will get rewarded with a better bond and relationship with your dog. And through that relationship a better behaved dog.

    Darren (Gracie)

  • Thank you to Brandi for the amazing services we have received from Family Dawgs this year. Our time with you has been more rewarding then we ever imagined. We highly recommend your service to all dog owners we meet. Your class was well worth the cost and in the end we got so much more value for our money then you promise. You become so invested in all the dogs you work with and it really shows in the extra time and care you provide. We loved visiting different locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas with your class. Every class was different, and this allowed for new experiences for our dog (and us!). We appreciate how honest you are and how you have such a strong commitment to your continuing education. We definitely will be seeing you again, and look forward to your drop in classes. As a couple your class was so much fun to take together. Our 1 year old Lab is a more confident girl and so “tuned in” to us as a result of your class. Thanks for everything!

    Rick & Jana (Willow)

  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with Brandi Savill. We were introduced to Family Dawgs from one of her previous clients and we cannot be more thrilled with the transformation seen in our two year old Cockapoo Levi. The reason we decided to enroll in Family Dawgs training class, was due to behaviors such as pulling on the leash and anxiety towards larger dogs. The wonderful thing about Brandi's outdoor classes is her flexibility in addressing issues that each pet owner faces. The skills she teaches in class are very transferable to daily situations that anyone would encounter. One of the major draws to working with Brandi is her insight, enthusiasm and passion for helping owners create a stronger bond with their dog. Brandi's support has been remarkable throughout the course, she has instilled confidence in myself as a pet owner and has left me with the tools to continue to grow with Levi. Our journey doesn't end here, we plan to work with Brandi again in the near future! Thank you Brandi!!!!

    Leanna & Steven (Levi)

  • As first time dog owners to two young high energy labs, we tried a couple different dog training classes. The classes we tried left us still in the same position. No matter what we did our dogs were pulling on leash and had leash aggression towards other dogs, bikes and people. We tried multiple styles of collars, harnesses but had no luck. A simple walk down the street would turn into complete disaster. Our life changed when we signed up for training classes with Family Dawgs. Twice a week for 8 solid weeks, we faithfully went to each training class all over Edmonton. Finally a class where you were doing training outside in real life situations. Places where you had millions of things around you that could learn to manage your dog around. Every class was different and was always a workout for both dogs & us. We ran hills, weaved through trees, learned to safely cross a busy road and even learned to stimulate our dogs' minds. Throughout the classes, we gained confidence that we could tackle our once out of control dogs. There were so many little things we were doing wrong with our dogs that we didn't know until this class. No one had ever taught us how to manage leash aggression, bring calmness to the home and ultimately make our dogs happier. It was extremely hard work that was worth every minute. Suddenly we had the tools to walk both our labs throughout the city. We could travel with them and bring them to new environments with minimal issues. Training never stopped after the formal dog training classes were finished. If any issue every came up, even something as simple as what to look for in a dog boarding facility, Brandi was there to support us. Our most leash aggressive dog calmed down and now is a certified therapy dog. Thank you to Family Dawgs training for everything you have taught us. It feels unbelievable to have dogs that we can be proud of.

    Ann-Marie & Jason (Chrome & Hunter)

  • As a new puppy owner, and having had no previous experience in raising or training a puppy, I was contemplating enrolling my 12 week old Goldendoodle into a training course. After hearing about Family Dawgs through a couple of friends, I was made aware that Brandi had one last available spot in an upcoming 6 week course. Although I thought that I was doing an fairly good job on basic training before entering this course by following various instructional puppy training books, I really could not have been more wrong. Brandi is very observant with not just the dog, but the owner. Brandi could step me back from what I was doing or not doing as an owner and direct me in what changes to make, whether it be body language, assertiveness, tone, etc. Brandi is very much about directing her attention to any and all concerns that she or the dog owner has and is very dedicated at correcting or training through a potentially problematic behavior. Brandi will not rush a class, no matter how long her day may have been. She will give you her undivided attention to address any concerns and will spend time before or after class for one on one training. Classes are held at a variety of out door locations around the city, which I loved as my new dog and I got to not only bond with different training situations and events, but we got to experience new places we may have other wise never gone to. Also because of this, no classes were repetitive, and all had the real life distractions that we could not predict, keeping us all alert. Brandi is definitely a dedicated, passionate and honest trainer. She truly wants to see all her dogs and owners succeed in training. She nurtures and enhances the bond between owner and dog. I am grateful that my puppy and I had the opportunity to have her as a trainer, as I know that the bond we now have could have never developed as deeply as it has if not for this wonderful, educational and insightful experience. Thank you Brandi!

    Kamee (Barkley)

  • "What you liked about the group class" I appreciated the outdoor real life training experiences. Compared to conventional indoor dog classes (ie. Petsmart), your classes prepared me and Furley with everyday distractions and situations where Furley would react (ie. another dog on a walk) and I had the opportunity to learn from you how to deal. The psychology you provided behind each dog and his/her owner has been invaluable in terms of how to understand a dogs mannerism, behavior and delinquencies. Understanding that dogs are basic and that they think in "black and white" terms unlike humans convoluted black, white, and GREY thought processes has made training Furley much easier. "What would you tell someone else about your experience in the group sessions?" I would tell anyone with a new puppy looking for obedience training or an older dog exhibiting behavioral problems that joining Family Dawgs will result in positive and satisfactory outcomes. Based on your knowledge, experience, and unique ability to communicate with dogs any owner is guaranteed to have a more well behaved dog and subsequently better relationship with their dog, as long as owners take true ownership and responsibility to follow through and complete ongoing homework regimes. You have a unique ability to read dogs. No matter what the issue, you are able to correct the dog/ situation before it escalates and also teach the group through the process. You instill confidence in owners which then automatically makes each dog more confident.

    Sonia & Rob (Furley)

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